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Treating Tinnitus: A Module For General Practitioners

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine

This module is a joint project between the University of Western Australia, Audiology Department and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

Tinnitus is an increasing health concern across all demographics. It is the perception of sound for which there is no acoustic source external to the head (Henry et al, 2005). It is often associated with hearing loss. Common causes include noise exposure, aging, head injury and medications, though sometimes the causes are unknown (Katz, 2009). The severity of tinnitus is generally determined by the extent to which the condition impacts on a person's quality of life.

The aim of this module is to provide online learning that will be clinically relevant for GPs and will introduce GPs to a variety of management tools available to tinnitus sufferers. This will contribute towards greater GP knowledge of tinnitus and its treatment.

This module focuses on tinnitus (head noises), including:

  • its generation in the auditory system
  • factors influencing our awareness of it
  • mental and physical distress associated with it, and
  • treatment options and referral pathways.


What is tinnitus?

Types of tinnitus

Mechanisms of tinnitus

The analogy between tinnitus and pain

The neurophysiological model of tinnitus

Treatment options


Case studies (with MCQs, outcomes and more)

  • Case 1: Tumour and Stroke
  • Case 2: Drug-induced tinnitus
  • Case 3: Aged-related hearing loss
  • Case 4: Perilymph fistula
  • Case 5: Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems and Acoustic Shock

Treatment Options

  • Placebo
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
  • Masking and residual inhibition
  • Neuromonics
  • Hearing Aids
  • Experimental Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Pharmacological Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Timing of Intervention
  • Biofeedback
  • Self help Treatment
  • Surgery
  • Alternative Therapies
Treating Tinnitus: A Module For General Practitioners
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Education Provider
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