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Webinar 19: Non-Pharmacological Management of Chronic Pain

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This Webinar

The harm done by chronic opiate use and misuse is a topical issue. This webinar will examine the non-pharmacological strategies available to patients with chronic pain and introduce participants to some useful online programs for chronic pain management.

Prescription of analgesics and other medications in chronic pain is not the only management option available. In fact studies have shown that, in chronic pain, non-pharmacological interventions are much more effective and associated with many fewer side effects and secondary pathology.

Guest panelist Dr Toby Newton-John is a clinical psychologist and senior lecturer at the University of Technology in Sydney. He is an expert in the cognitive behavioural strategies used in the management of chronic pain. He established a large multidisciplinary pain management program in Newcastle NSW before moving into academia. Toby continues to work clinically as well as pursue his academic interests. He has agreed to join us to discuss the details of the evidence-based non-pharmacological interventions that are available to help manage chronic pain.

We will also review two very important online programs that have recently become available for patients living with chronic pain. Our other guest, Dr Regina Schultz is a clinical and neuropsychologist who was involved in the development of the THISWAYUP chronic pain management program known as “Reboot”. Regina will walk us through the program to give us an idea of how the program is structured and how the CBT strategies that Toby has told us about have been translated into the online environment.

We will also have a chance to look inside the Chronic Pain Management program from the MindSpot Virtual Clinic and an opportunity to discuss how we can best use these strategies and resources in clinical practice.

Before you Watch this Webinar

To participate in this webinar, it would be useful for participants to have some level of familiarity with e-Mental Health. This can be gained by:

  • watching a previously delivered live webinar
  • watching an on-demand recording of a previously delivered webinar
  • reading the article ‘e-mental Health for mood and anxiety disorders in general practice’, published in AFP
  • reading the article ‘e-Mental Health – What is it and why do we need it?’, published on FOAM4GP

The Webinar Series

The webinar series examines some of the online mental health treatment programs that GPs need to know about, focusing on evidence-based programs that have been developed in Australia. The evidence around the efficacy and usefulness of different programs will be discussed along with practical aspects of using the programs.


  • e-Mental Health programs are a useful adjunct to mental health treatment in primary care
  • there is good evidence that patient outcomes improve with the use of e-Mental Health programs
  • a variety of locally-developed e-Mental Health programs are available
  • GPs need to be familiar with the programs their patients are using and be able to recommend the use of these programs appropriately.


GPs and GP registrars, Allied Health Workers, Support Workers and Nurses who are interested in improving outcomes for patients with mental health conditions.

Webinar 19: Non-Pharmacological Management of Chronic Pain
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