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What Great Nurse Managers Do!

  • : West Lakes SA 5021

Are you a Nurse Manager? Come along to this year’s conference and discover some of the ways that make Great Nurse Managers stand out. Learn about:

  • The business of caring
  • Legacy - the KPI you should really be focusing on
  • Why managing your energy matters more than your time
  • The great communication contradiction…
  • Why empathy needs to complement your expertise
  • Trends in HR management - an update for Nurse Managers
  • How to influence with integrity and much, much more…

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The Goal Need for Program

There is considerable evidence supporting skilled nurse management as being fundamental to the provision of effective, high-quality, safe patient care and outcomes. However, the growing complexity of the health workspace has the potential for increasing strain on Nurse Managers who are expected to control units whilst juggling a range of variables. As the nature of organisational structures and hierarchies change so too must nurses within these settings. Learning from others and understanding relevant management theories to guide personal and professional capacity will assist Nurse Managers to successfully fulfil their role.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this conference is to assist Nurse Managers to manage with clarity and confidence in modern health environments so as to improve patient outcomes.

Your learning outcomes:

Reflect on your current management style and relate this to your strengths in performing the role of an effective Nurse Manager

Initiate evidenced management tactics to improve decision making and achieve workplace goals for patient outcomes

Be confident in dealing professionally and swiftly with team behaviour that undermines effective patient care

Facilitate a professional workplace that values growth and high performance


To Be Determined

To Be Determined

What Great Nurse Managers Do!
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West Lakes SA 5021
West Lakes The Lakes Resort Hotel Adelaide, 141 Brebner Drive
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