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151369 - INTERACT: Managing Cardiometabolic risk in General Practice

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Face to face
6 hours


This ALM will cover practical and effective treatment choices for Type 2 Diabetes management relevant to general practice .It will address changing treatment expectations and barriers to treatment adherence and aims to equip general practitioners with knowledge and skills to manage Diabetes with a holistic approach and will focus on treatment inertia, on educating their patients around self-managed care and on treating complications of Diabetes.

Relevance to General Practice

Needs assessment attached

Learning outcomes
  • Outline the new 2018 guidelines to prevent, detect and manage heartfailure and their common causes
  • Utilise New Guidelines for management of cardiometabolic patients and summarise T2DM treatment options.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of a diabetes education and self-management programme, discuss how to get people with Type 2 Diabetes onto a DESMOND Programme.
  • Define clinical inertia and identify contributing factors, develop a plan so that we can engage our patients in timely manner to maintain consistency of patient
  • Outline the latest guidelines on duration of therapy post ACS and analyse the provider and health system related factors that have a major effect on adherence,
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    151369 - INTERACT: Managing Cardiometabolic risk in General Practice
    6 hours
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    6 hours
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