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163467 - Sports Medicine

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Face to face
6 hours

Interactive case-based sessions delivered by health experts who specialise in exercise. Evidence-based strategies will be discussed to assist you to aid your patients in maintaining health while increasing performance. Specialised content will cover: 
- The role of gut function and the relationship between intestinal barrier function and inflammation in the recreational and elite athlete 
- Baseline nutrition, diets and fuelling for sport 
- Specific sports nutrition assessment, investigation and case taking 
- Individual tailoring of diets and supplements 
- Recognition of over-training syndrome, the impact of stress and cortisol 

Relevance to General Practice

Monitoring athletes’ training load is essential for determining whether they are adapting to their training program, understanding individual responses to training, assessing fatigue and the associated need for recovery, and minimizing the risk of nonfunctional overreaching, injury, and illness. 
Most endurance athletes are interested in diets that positively affect exercise capacity and health, reduce body fat and promote the development of lean muscle mass. 
However, despite the recent boom in research in this area much of what is known about athlete monitoring is relatively absent from GP training. This training has been designed to bridge these knowledge gaps. Learning outcomes will focus on macro/ baseline cardiometabolic markers and individual dietary needs, what micronutrients are involved and signs and symptoms of deficiency, gut barrier function and inflammation. 

Learning outcomes
  • 1. Obtain an accurate record of your patient’s health history with regards to exercise related injuries and conditions.
  • 2. Describe the impact of exercise on the gut microbiome, intestinal barrier and immunity.
  • 3. Explain the different roles that carbohydrates and fats play in fueling the body for sports performance.
  • 4. Explain key concepts in counselling patients regarding their injury, and injury and incorporating return to play and prevention strategies.
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    163467 - Sports Medicine
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    Education Provider
    6 hours
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    6 hours
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