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186233 - Health Care Homes Module 11: Quality primary care into the future

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
2 hrs

This module ties the previous 10 Health Care Homes modules together, explores enablers, and addresses barriers to long-term sustainability of the model as well as providing templates for success.

Relevance to General Practice

Health Care Homes is a model for general practices and ACCHS. A Health Care Home is an existing general practice or ACCHS that further commits to a systematic approach to chronic disease management in primary care. This approach supports accountability for ongoing high quality patient care. It uses an evidence-based, coordinated, multi-disciplinary model of care that aims to improve efficiencies and promote innovation in primary care services.

Learning outcomes
  • 1 Describe the essential elements of high-performing primary care
  • 2 Explain how health care improvements and practice transformation in the Health Care Homes model can achieve the Quadruple Aim of quality primary care
  • 3 Identify key enablers that exist within Australian primary care that will support continuing transformation journey and the barriers we are yet to overcome
  • 4 Reflect on international and local exemplars and explain how further embedding of the Health Care Homes model will advance quality primary care of the future
  • 5 Describe the key achievements from your transformation journey and consider innovative approaches to continue to build on your achievements
  • Domains of General Practice

    D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship

    • Ways in which health can be optimised and maintained are communicated to patients, family members and carers

    D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills

    • Innovative approach to care of patients with multisystem and/or complex health issues is taken

    D3. Population health and the context of general practice

    • The health needs of individuals are balanced with the health needs of the community through effective utilisation of resources

    D4. Professional and ethical role

    • Professional knowledge and skills are reviewed and developed

    D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

    • Effective triaging and time management structures are in place to allow timely provision of care

    Curriculum Contextual Units
    • Adult health
    186233 - Health Care Homes Module 11: Quality primary care into the future
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