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Societal and Professional Perspectives of Health and Disease

Speciality Classification
Oral Health
Time / Duration
20 minutes
Subject matter expert
e-Learning for Healthcare
Endorsed By
Faculty of Dental Surgery, elfh, NHS England

This session outlines the different perspectives of health that exist and how these have evolved over time. It is important to understand how the patient views their oral health and the role that you might play in maintaining it.

Learning objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • describe the key models for defining health
  • identify the major statements that have influenced the health agenda
  • explain how the perspectives of health have changed over time
  • explain the difference between professional and lay perspectives of health

This session will deal with both how the different meanings have evolved and what the changes mean for understanding a patient’s perception of health.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should:

  • understand the holistic assessment of the patient by completing e-Den session Patient assessment\Assessment methods and techniques\Holistic assessment of the patient
Instructors / Speakers
Paul Batchelor,
Consultant in Dental Public Health. Co-Module Editor for e-Den Modules 1 and 12

Paul qualified in 1980 from Liverpool University and worked within both the CDS and GDS for several years, during which time he obtained an MCDH from Birmingham and his DDPH. He then moved to London and worked in various academic posts at the Royal London, where he completed his PhD, King’s College London, and UCL. During this time he was awarded an FFGDP. He also holds an FDS and FPHM.

Paul has worked in various capacities for a number of organisations within dentistry including the BDA, the Department of Health, the DPB, the FGDP, the Scottish NHS Executive, and the WHO, as well as several national governments. He has also assisted a number of other bodies on dental matters including the Consumers Association, the Office of Fair Trading and the National Audit Office, and acted as the Advisor to the Health Select Committee on NHS dentistry. He was appointed President of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry in April 2004 and currently is the course director of the leadership and management programme in dentistry as well as national research co-ordinator for the Faculty.

Paul is also part of the Module Editorial Team at e-Den, and is co-Module Editor for Module 1 Patient Assessment, and Module 12 Management and Leadership.

Societal and Professional Perspectives of Health and Disease
Speciality Classification
Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Dental, Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry, Public Health Dentistry, Special Needs Dentistry, General Dental
Provider Type
Education Provider
Time / Duration
20 minutes
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