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Agora Medical Education

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AGORA is a Health Care and Medical Education Provider. We combine clinical and surgical practice with medical education in order to bring comprehensive expertise and deliver the best health care services to our patients.

Agora was the centre of scientific life in Ancient Greece. It was there where some of the first contributions to Medicine started to flourish. Our AGORA endeavours to keep these contributions alive by facilitating professional medical development as well as by providing expert health care to the community.
Why us
Our Values

* Making our patients feel special at every interaction. 
* Knowing that 'change' is inevitable and acting quickly to minimise how it can affect patient's experience and well-being. 
* Identifying risk and urgency to ensure AGORA is prepared to address any issues that can impact its operations, doctors, staff and patients.


* Seeking to develop the skills attitudes and practices of an effective health professional
* Keeping up with the latest research and innovations within the medical field
* Sharing with our peers the knowledge acquired so that improvement is also experienced by the community at large.


* Giving trust first
* Being tuned to other’s needs, different ideas and perspectives
* Recognising the impact of our actions have in others

* Treating others like we want to be treated
* Listening
* Acting in a compassionate way toward others


* Supporting each other and being ready to help
* Sharing our resources and ideas to get things done better and quicker
* Finding out the answers when we don’t know them
* If it takes two minutes, do it now!
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9.1, 89 Bridge Road,
Richmond VIC 3121, Australia
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