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RN Labs Pty Ltd

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RN Labs is a privately owned company based in Brisbane, which distributes premium brands from around the world and formulates the highest quality nutritional solutions for Australian healthcare practitioners. RN Labs also globally sources leading functional testing services.

The successful combination of functional pathology testing with evidence-based supplementation represents a preventive approach to personalised health management, promoting optimal ageing and improved clinical efficacy.
RN Labs also have a Retailer sector of our business, which supplies health retailers and other healthcare providers (that do not qualify for our strict practitioner account requirements) with some of the same premium product brands. We are passionate about educating all Australians about living a healthy life through nutrition via this channel.

What We Do

RN Labs focuses on education, and provides functional medicine practitioners with clinically relevant information by way of educational tools, seminars, webinars, and technical support. Our mission is to support clinicians to achieve improved patient outcomes thereby helping all Australians to live a healthy and vibrant life.

“Our goal is to support your practice by offering you only the highest quality supplements and educational materials. Our qualified and experienced practitioner consultants can assist you to introduce our products and/or our functional testing ranges to your practice.”
Our Objective

RN Lab’s objective is to make a difference to healthcare in Australia by providing health practitioners the necessary tools to identify possible factors that can alter body systems, promote proper cell nutrition causing our cells to function properly, allowing the organs and systems to work with the unique purpose of maintaining the balance of our body, then promoting health.
Why us
Our Philosophy

We believe in a holistic and targeted approach to healthcare, that supports the unique expression of health and vitality in each individual. The products and services we provide are designed to assist practitioners to individualise treatment needs, to be adapted for each specific circumstance.
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18/93 Rivergate Place,
Murarrie QLD 4172, Australia
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