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Business for Doctors is a membership organisation that fosters the goodwill between health professionals by empowering, educating and providing a support network of thousands of colleagues. The organisation is unique as it brings together Doctors from all specialities, at various career stages, business owners, practice owners, hospital employees, contractors and final year medical students



Business for Doctors will create and support a collaborative community of medical practitioners in becoming competent and confident in managing their business and private financial affairs to the benefit of themselves, their families, their staff and their patients.


The mission of Business for Doctors is to inform, educate and inspire medical practitioners, at all career stages, to become literate in business and finance by creating a mutually supportive online community with access to accurate, objective information and high quality professional advice.


We commit to:

·       Providing accurate, independent and objective information

·       Supporting a professional community with respect and inclusivity

·       Determining actions and decisions with integrity and personal accountability

·       Welcoming and respecting diversity in all forms

·       Recognising ethical and environmental responsibility


Why us
Traditionally the topic of money has been a taboo subject in the medical circles, especially in General Practice where Doctors earn as little as 20% of the income of other specialists. The ultraism of medicine has been the focus for many health professionals leading to long hours, little family time, relationship breakdowns and stress. Enabling doctors with the knowledge on how to manage their income, invest, insure themselves and their business, balance work with family and self-care allows them to deliver a better quality service to patients. Educating them on correct billings gives them the opportunity to increase their hourly income giving them the ability to spend more time with family and friends.
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International Tower 2, Level 31, 6 Barangaroo Ave
New South Wales
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