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Haymarket Foundation

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The Haymarket Foundation staff work tenaciously over months and sometimes years to stop the cycle of homelessness and alcohol and other drug issues.

Long-term housing and health solutions are found for people who are frequently turned away by other services.

We are different:

The Haymarket Foundation is unique: it is a local, secular, charitable organisation focused on people experiencing homelessness and other marginalised communities in Sydney.

The Foundation works with people that other services are not able to: those who have co-occurring mental health, alcohol and other drug issues and frequently, lifelong trauma and disability.

It is far more than a meal and a bed for a night.

There are crisis accommodation facilities and other services for those who are at-risk or experiencing homelessness, plus alcohol and other drug counselling services.
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The mission of the Haymarket Foundation is “To work with and support Sydney’s most vulnerable through innovative and client focused recovery, homelessness, and primary health services“.

We care: We believe that every person’s life has value, and care deeply about the people we support.
We are empathetic: We seek to understand the challenges and realities that our clients face.
We are adaptive: We understand that need is individual, and are we flexible and adaptive in responding to the challenges that we face.
We are innovative: We actively seek out new and impactful ways of achieving outcomes.
We are determined: We fight hard and do what it takes to advocate and get outcomes for our clients.
We are collaborative: We respond to complex needs using a team approach.
We are professional: We utilise best practice approaches in all areas of our work.
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Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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