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Treatment is a personal road that we all travel differently. For some, it is a daunting step outside the comfort zone. For others, it can be an afterthought – something that is too difficult to fit around a busy schedule. Physio on the Go recognises that the circumstances surrounding your treatment are different to the next person’s, which is why we come to you to provide treatment from the privacy of your own home at your convenience.



There are many reasons people choose Mobile Physiotherapy over traditional hospital or practice-based services, including:

  • One-on-one therapy: for the duration of the consultation, our therapist’s time is solely focused on you and your treatment (unlike in hospitals or treatment rooms).
  • Comprehensive care: our Physiotherapists liaise with your GP, Specialists, Carers and family to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment outcome.
  • Comfort and privacy: undergo your treatment in your own safe and comfortable environment.
  • Risk assessments of your home: our Physiotherapists conduct full assessments of patients’ homes to identify and eliminate fall-risk hazards.
  • Spending time where it matters: mobile physiotherapy helps to keep you out of hospital and Aged Care Facilities so that you are spending more time in your home.
  • Fewer burdens on others: by having us come to you, you aren’t relying on friends or family to get you to appointments.
  • Saving time: mobile physiotherapy patients do not have to battle traffic, find parking or wait in busy hospitals or practice rooms.
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