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Our hiring products

Publish post, get matching direct applicants

Publish your job post with your ideal matching selection criteria on the HealthcareLink platform.

Your job post will also be included in email alerts sent to jobseekers with matching search criteria.

Don't wait, take charge. Send message and invite matching jobseekers to apply for the role.

Receive matching applications directly to your inbox.

Boost your applications by promoting your practice profile with the job post.

Get quality applicants from peer referrals by adding a referral reward to your job post.

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Get access to pre-screened candidates, hire the right candidate faster.

Dictate your selection criteria and the Support Team will send you access to pre-screened, ready to work candidates.

Review candidates full profile profile online.

Simply interview, choose the one you like best and hire!.

Take the pressure off by getting assistance from our consultants through out the process.

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