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Save time and effort, get consultant support on-demand and choose from quality pre-screened candidates

Sometimes you just need the ideal candidate fast, like yesterday! You don’t have time to post job ads on dozens of various platforms or sift through applicants to shortlist and finally, make rounds of calls and sit through meetings to choose the ideal candidate.

HealthcareLink understands this and, equally importantly, understands what it takes to choose the ideal candidate for your practice. This is where their On-Demand service comes in and how they make the sourcing process as effortless as possible for you.

Take the pressure off hiring

  • Reduce the number of candidates and increase the QUALITY.

Dictate the selection criteria

  • Your Support team will send you pre-screened, ready to work candidates who are ready to interview.

Just take care of the interviews

  • Interview and select the pre-screened applicant you like best and hire!


  • Guaranteed placement.
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How it works?

Are you a Jobseeker?

1. Create a job and request on-demand access

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post a job

Our consultant will work with you and set up the post.

2. Review pre-screened candidates profiles online

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post a job
post a job
  • Qualified
  • AHPRA Compliance checked
  • Validated Interest
  • Checked availability

4. Hire the perfect candidate

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  • No risk, guaranteed placement - It's that simple
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Benefits of on-demand support service

Individual Service

Individual service

You will receive individual attention from your own dedicated account partner. Your Support Partner is committed in helping you matching candidates from HealthcareLink’s health professional talent pool, based on the job criteria that you set.

Post and promote!

Engage with only reponsive candidates

On-Demand service is only for pre-screened employers, who are serious in finding the right professional for their organisation. This ensures all our candidates are highly engaged and respond to employer’s contacts. We have pre-qualified the candidates and identified their interest and preferences for a new job.

The “SMS” formula for Success

The “SMS” formula for success

Your Support Partner will implement, what we call at HealthcareLink, the “SMS Formula for Success” – Source, Match, Screen. We help you source candidates through direct applicants, matches from our healthcare professional talent database and through peer referrals. Then, we match only the best candidates for your job criteria and screen for a successful placement.

Source from Multiple Streams

Hire the top candidate. Faster. Simpler.

Reduce the time spent in filling the position and you will hire the right professional for less than the cost of a recruiting agency.

Industry-specific candidate Matching

Industry-specific candidate matching

Why do clients choose HealthcareLink and keep coming back? It’s because of our unique, industry-specific candidate-to-job matching platform. Our platform, driven by a special set of algorithms, is tailored to the medical and healthcare industry. There is no other platform like this available to the public that allows you to select the level of experience, licenses, registrations, available times, etc.

Easy Comparison for Screening

Easy comparison for screening

All jobseeker profiles have a consistent format, which includes education, experience, licences, registrations and availability. This means that even if the candidate doesn’t have a resume, you have all the information you need from their HealthcareLink profile to compare between candidates and decide who you want to take to the next stage in the hiring process.

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