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How to share a post (article, blog, news, job)

If you have a blog, article, news, or job published within the platform or elsewhere and you want to share it with HealthcareLink users to get more visibility and reach, you can do so using our Share a Post feature. You need to have a "Professional Account" to share posts.

1 Once you are logged in to your account, go to "Resources" and click on the "Share a Post" shortcut menu to open the Share a post screen.

2 Once you are on the "share a post" screen, you can click on what kind of post you want to share, add some comments about your article, add the URL of the blog or news you want to share and upload an image.

3 You can choose which profile you want to post as, who is it visible to and choose your target professions.

4 When you finish you can click on Post to share your article or news on HealthcareLink.


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