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  • : Royal Australian Air Force Specialist Reserve
  • : 09-Aug-2017
  • : Brisbane City QLD 4000

Forget the regular hospitals; this position will have you working with state of the art equipment in varied locations throughout Australia.

Radiographers are an integral element of the Royal Australian Air Force Specialist Reserve (RAAFSR) which is designed to provide a broad range of health services to complement and supplement those maintained in the Permanent Air Force (PAF). Radiographers are responsible for providing radiography services at RAAF Bases around Australia. A radiographic capability is also a component of RAAF Expeditionary Health Support facilities which provides medical imaging services during major ADF exercises and deployments away from fixed facilities. As a RAAF radiographer, you may also be required to participate in tri-service and multi-national operational and peacekeeping deployments.

Radiography departments have modern, well-maintained equipment and facilities, including portable ultrasound units and mobile image intensifiers in some locations. Radiological support is arranged through contract with civilian providers, although the Medical Imaging Consultative Group, a tri-service group composed of Reservist and full-time ADF members, provides advice on matters affecting the provision of radiography in the ADF. There may be some after-hours work.

As a RAAFSR member, you will perform a minimum of seven days Reserve service each financial year. However, you may perform considerably more than this on a volunteer basis as tasks and opportunities arise. The maximum number of Reserve service days a RAAFSR member may complete is 150. You will maintain a required standard of health, fitness and military preparedness, including proficiency in weapons handling. As a RAAFSR member you will be only entitled to emergency medical and dental treatment while on duty.

To qualify for the Specialist Reserve as a Radiographer you must possess:

  • a Diploma or Degree in Medical Imaging , as well as a Professional Development Year and have at least 2 years post graduate experience;
  • be eligible for, accreditation issued by the Australian Institute of Radiography in the form of a "Statement of Accreditation" or "Conjoint Board Diploma/Certificate"; and
  • possess a Radiation 'Use Licence' issued by a State or Territory of Australia under the relevant Radiation Safety Act.

To be eligible for this position, you must hold Australian citizenship and be able to complete a 10 year checkable background assessment. Australian Citizenship is a requirement for a security clearance and a clearance will only be granted to a non-citizen in exceptional circumstances.

Applicants entering the Specialist Reserve are required to undergo officer training in the form of a Specialist Reserve Officer Familiarisation course which must be completed within two years of appointment. This course is currently of six days duration undertaken at Officers’ Training School, East Sale in Eastern Victoria. Following officer training, all Health Specialist Reserve members must complete the Operational Health Support course which is of two weeks' duration, located at RAAF Base Richmond. The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to the deployable health capability and equipment.

Once appointed into the Specialist Reserve, you will service an initial appointment of five years (including a probationary period of two years) followed by extensions (subject to approval) of five year periods. Compulsory retirement age is 65 years.



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