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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Coober Pedy & Outback South Australia

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Coober Pedy & Outback South Australia (SA).

Coober Pedy & Outback SA

Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Coober Pedy and Outback SA

The harsh, yet dramatic lunar-like landscape of Coober Pedy and its hinterlands that has inspired movie makers, photographers, as well as artists, and from where the world’s most coveted opal gemstones are mined, makes for an exquisite desert experience. Be it the unique underground fashion of living, in ‘dugouts’ – caves bored into hillsides, or the exceptional style of playing golf – at night with glowing balls and portable turf for teeing off, Coober Pedy and the surrounds are a must visit for tourists and natives alike!

Situated in the northern part of South Australia, on the edges of the erosional scarp of the Stuart Ranges, its population is small with just under 3,700 residents. It is located 846kms north of Adelaide, about halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs.

The Aboriginals have a longstanding connection with the land here, and Coober Pedy gets its name from the Aboriginal words ‘Kupa Piti’, meaning the ‘white man’s waterhole’. The mesmerizing art found throughout the region speaks of its ancient culture. Visitors attractions in Coober Pedy include heritage sites such as underground churches – the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church and Presbytery. The signature shafts and mullock heaps from the mining activities dot the landscape and many sites are open for exploration.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Coober Pedy and Outback SA

Coober Pedy serves as the regional service hotspot for outback SA, providing essential services like healthcare, medical assistance, general welfare, and education. Coober Pedy Hospital and Health Service is a regional hospital serving under the Country SA Primary Health Network (PHN). Mining, Tourism, and Manufacturing industries sustain the economy and provide employment to the local community. With over seventy mines that extend to over 40kms around the town, it is also the largest opal mining field in the world often referred to as the ‘opal capital of the world’.

Coober Pedy is a gateway to the outback communities of Oodnadatta and William Creek. Twice a week, there is a mail run to the outback homesteads carrying mail, cargo and a few passengers. The town is also served by daily coach services from Adelaide and train services through the Manguri Siding located a mere 42 kilometres away. Regional Express provides direct flights to Adelaide from the Coober Pedy Airport.

Copper Pedy is a true cosmopolitan township with motels, homestays, backpackers and even 4-star hotels providing a range of accommodation options. The median housing rents are attractively low, at an affordable $178 per week. Living in Coober Pedy is an authentic Australian outback experience, rustic and adventurous!  

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