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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Far West & North Central NSW

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Far West & North Central NSW.

Far West & North Central NSW

Living and working in healthcare jobs in Far West and North Central NSW

The Far West and North Central Region of NSW spans the semi-arid lands of the outermost west and north of the state, bordering Queensland and South Australia. These lands embody the ‘Great Australian Outback’ dream: wide open spaces, untouched natural beauty, spectacular red desert, rolling sand dunes and the mighty Darling River, together with all of the cultural and historical ties.

This region is the most sparsely populated in the state, spanning more than 20% of its area, but with only 0.4% of its population. The main city is Broken Hill, with a population of about 18,500 and the other significant towns are Bourke, Brewarrina, Cobar, Ivanhoe and Wentworth.

The Far West has a strong economy based on mining, agriculture, film, arts and tourism. With a history of being the mineral powerhouse of the State, centred in Broken Hill, the region retains significant new mining prospects. The high potential for solar power, given the extensive daily hours of sunshine here, led to construction of Australia’s largest Solar Plants at Broken Hill and Nyngan.

Broken Hill is located on the crossing of the Barrier Highway and the Silver City Highway, closer to Adelaide (511 kilometres) than to Sydney to its East (1,160 kilometres). It is one of the landmark stops on the Sydney-Perth Railway line. It is also connected by regional air services and bus services to Adelaide. The eclectic local attractions include National Parks, opal mine towns of White Cliffs and Lightning Ridge, historical ghost towns and large stretches of the world-famous outback.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Careers in Far West and North Central NSW

The people living in the Far West and North Central NSW region are served by the Local Health Districts of Far West and Western NSW, with public hospitals in most major towns. The Western NSW Primary Health Network (PHN) area supports the health professionals of the region. The challenges in the Health and Aged Care sector are posed by the unique requirements of the high proportion of Aboriginal residents in the state (currently 9.6%) which is increasing with a decreasing population, ageing and experiencing significant morbidity related to lifestyle factors and chronic illnesses and providing services to some of the remotest communities.

The median house price in Broken Hill is very low, at $106,000 and the median weekly rent is just $150. The drawing factor is an offbeat lifestyle: Long hot summers ‘up the river’ at Menindee, motorbike riding, fishing, cricket and socializing; winters with footy, star gazing and bush walking.

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