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About Mammography Radiologist jobs in Australia

Find Mammography Radiologist jobs in Australia. Permanent, part-time, casual and locum jobs available.

Radiologists are physicians who specialise in interpreting diagnostic imaging tests and procedures or treatments that involve the use of X-rays, ultrasound, and other internal scanning technologies. As a consulting physician, radiologists are brought in by your GP to work with other medical experts to diagnose your medical problem based on images of your body.

Mammography is well-known radiographic technique for imaging the breast to look for abnormalities. Screening mammography is the initial scan to locate any abnormalities.

Imaging mammography is further testing on a symptomatic patient, or to get more detail an abnormality found on screening mammography. The goal of the mammography radiologist is to come to a specific diagnosis. This is important because a diagnosis of a simple breast cyst has not a big deal and does not impact life expectancy. On the other hand, a diagnosis of breast cancer has serious implications for the patient.

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