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About Healthcare and medical jobs in Northam & Wheatbelt

Find healthcare and medical jobs in Northam & Wheatbelt.

Northam & Wheatbelt

Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Northam and Wheatbelt, WA

The Wheatbelt is a region with diverse landscapes, from the stunning beaches and clear blue waters of Cervantes and Jurien Bay, to the rolling hills and lush streams of the Avon Valley, to the rustic and alluring lands along the Wheatbelt Way. Each subregion is brimming with new adventures. And here Northam, an idyllic town situated at the confluence of the Avon and Mortlock Rivers, has the largest resident base.

A variety of industries operate in the region, partially supported by a significant international investment. The coastline is an important tourist area. The eastern fringe is very arid and is mainly used for pastoral farming. Mining of gold, nickel and iron ore also occurs and major deposits are found in the shires of Westonia, Yilgarn, Kondinin and Dandaragan. Agriculture is fundamental to the region’s economy. Retail trade, manufacturing, construction and fishing also support the economy.

Ausdrill has a property near Northam and offers mining and cross-industry training. Over 80 educational facilities are co-located in the region. There are 3 residential colleges, 3 agricultural colleges and a School of Isolated and Distance Education. CY O’Connor Institute has campuses located at Northam and at other towns. The University of Western Australia’s Future Farm has a branch here and focusses on mixed-enterprise operational education.

Six main highways that radiate out from Perth serve the Wheatbelt. A well-established network of roads connects towns and facilitates access to smaller townsites. A major railway junction, Northam, serves as the commercial centre for much of the wider western region. The city is connected to Perth via coach and rail services provided by TransWA.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Northam and Wheatbelt, WA

Current health services in the region include 4 integrated sub-regional hospitals (Narrogin, Northam, Merredin and Moora), 20 small hospitals, 2 mental health centres, 18 community and public health services and a number of nursing posts. The Primary Health Network is Country WA. Royalties for Regions and government services funding has supported projects like the Southern Inland Health Initiative, Regional Men’s Health Initiative, Royal Flying Doctor Service and Housing for Workers. Aged care is a recognised priority in the community and 16 registered Aged Care facilities exist.

The region boasts dramatic rock formations and, in season, an incredible bloom of wildflowers. Northam has a number of tourist attractions, including hot air ballooning, wineries, eateries and museums.

Housing in Northam is highly affordable, with median housing price of $226,000 and median rent of $290 per week, for stately and spacious accommodations. And given its historical status as a ‘gateway’ town, it brings endless possibilities to the fore.

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