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About Old Age Psychiatry jobs in Australia

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A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who diagnoses, treats and prevents mental, emotional and behavioural problems in children and adults. Modern psychiatry has expanded to include more than a dozen sub-specialities today. Click here to learn more about the mission, responsibilities and qualifications of a psychiatrist. 

Old age psychiatrists are trained to provide assessment, treatment and continuing care for older adults with mental health problems including dementia, depression, schizophrenia and a number of other conditions.

The intensive training for old age psychiatry includes courses in the legal and philosophical issues surrounding the protection of individual human rights, end of life decisions, mental capacity, informed consent and trends in mental health legislation in Australia ad worldwide. Keep in mind that clinical decisions must always be balanced against a thoughtful ethical framework.

Note that old age psychiatric services are provided in general hospitals as well as in community settings such as residential and short-stay nursing facilities.

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