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About Other allied health professional jobs in Australia

Find allied health professional jobs, careers and vacancies in Australia.

Purpose and Mission

Twenty-first century healthcare is highly specialized and includes a number of allied health professions that do not have their own individual listing on our main Career Insights page. Other allied health professions include phlebotomist, anesthesia technician, lab technician, medical assistant, recreational therapist, art therapist, music therapist, nutritionist, and lactation consultant.

These highly trained allied health professionals perform a wide variety of important support roles for doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics.

Reports To

Most of these other allied health professionals work as employees of hospitals, clinics, medical labs and doctor’s offices, and usually report to a department head or service chief. Many, but not all, work under the direct supervision of a doctor or other graduate-level trained medical professional.

Supervisory Responsibilities

More experienced allied health professionals may have some supervisory responsibilities in their department or specialty, particularly regarding training and supervision of new colleagues or trainees.


The requirement to work in the allied health professions varies significantly by profession in Australia. In almost all positions, employers typically prefer candidates who have at least a diploma level of training in the field, and those who have completed two- to four-year college programs are looked at especially favorably.

Some employers may require candidates to pass one or more exams to qualify for membership in the Australian Institute for Medical Scientists.

Responsibilities of Other Allied Health Professions

Anesthesia Technician – Anesthesia technicians are responsible for cleaning, sterilizing, calibrating and troubleshooting anesthesia equipment, as well as keeping records on the equipment. Other duties may include transporting patients to surgery, explaining procedures and monitoring electronic and pneumatic devices to monitor patients who are under anesthesia.

Medical Technician — Medical technicians support to medical professionals in a number of ways. Some MTs operate medical equipment in hospitals and clinics, others perform and assist with analysis of lab tests.

Clinical Lab Technician – As the name suggests, CTs work in medical labs at hospitals and clinics and perform a wide variety of support and testing duties.

Medical Assistant – The administrative duties of a medical assistant typically include using computer software, answering phones, greeting patients, updating patient medical records, coding insurance forms, making appointments, arranging for hospital admissions and/or lab services, correspondence, billing, and bookkeeping. The clinical duties of a medical assistant include medical histories, explaining treatments to patients, preparing patients for examination or lab tests, collecting and preparing lab specimens, performing lab tests, discussing medications and nutritional details with patients, preparing and administering medications as directed by a physician, drawing blood and taking EKGs.

Art Therapist – Art therapists take advantage of visual art media to assist people who have difficulties communicating verbally or expressing their feelings. These mental health professionals provide a safe and secure environment and typically have specific methods of working with patients in various environment. Art therapy is carried out in group or one-to-one settings, and art therapists usually work together with other healthcare professionals on a holistic patient healthcare plan.

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