Casual Private Practice Dietitian

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Fresh Nutrition
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Casual Private Practice DIETITIAN (up to 30 hrs/week)

Fresh Nutrition ADELAIDE

Closing Date: COB 15th June 2022


About Fresh Nutrition

Fresh Nutrition is a vibrant, expanding Adelaide based Dietitian consulting business established in 2010.

Fresh Nutrition Dietitians are dedicated to providing respectful, individualised one-on-one nutritional services to people at all life stages. Using a holistic approach, Fresh Nutrition Dietitians are committed to empowering people to manage and improve their own health and wellbeing via a specific ‘non-dieting’, client-centered approach.

With a focus on customer care, we provide inclusive, non-judgmental ‘down-to-earth’ Dietetic services. We are looking for a Dietitian/s with aligning values to work with us at the capacity of up to 30 hours per week.


Why work for Fresh Nutrition?

- We offer flexible work schedules across various locations.

- We focus on a ‘teamwork approach’ (in an otherwise solo environment) with regular team support, goals, growth, development, and opportunity.

- We have well supported staff training and supervision programs to get you comfortable and working to your full potential.

- We have a consistent approach and direction with consulting styles providing continuity of care and great quality Nutrition services for clients.

- We are a growing business, with plenty of ideas and direction for future expansions

- We are dedicated to ‘customer care’ and providing the most welcoming service to our clients.

The Dietitian will:

  • Provide respectful one-on-one consulting with clients of all ages and health issues in a variety of Fresh Nutrition clinic locations.
  • Participate in regular team meetings and provide expertise, ideas, and value to the team.
  • Provide quality nutrition written content in the form of client resources, blog articles, recipes, and expertise to enrich our clients through social media and other communication avenues.


Position Requirements (what we are looking for in YOU)

- Excellent communication skills. We look for skill in verbal and non-verbal language, ability to genuinely listen, empathize and pick up verbal and non-verbal cues in conversation to build maximum rapport with all people (clients, team members, colleagues).

- Absolute self-motivation, we are looking for Dietitians who strive to be the best person they can be to enrich the experience for our clients.

- Proactivity, time-management, and super organization skills with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

- Easy adaptation to new working environments.

- Dietitians with the ability to think ‘outside of the square’ and have an ‘open mind’ to truly understand people. Dietitians who look beyond the textbook.

- Dietitians who are passionate about ‘customer service’ and dedicated to providing the best care for all clients.


Additional favorable qualities to enhance your chance of employment with Fresh Nutrition (please elaborate on these if you have some up your sleeve):

Past experience in a private practice/consulting/fast-pace setting.

- A personal commitment to self-development (and examples of this such a as personal examples of overcoming adversity).

- Further training in/knowledge of Health at Every Size (HAES) principles/non-diet approaches/health coaching/motivational interviewing/counselling.

- Knowledge, interest, and experience in IBS/FODMAPS and Disordered Eating.

- Blogging and/or professional writing experience including any recent publications.

- Social media/ and marketing experience and interest.



(Please don’t hesitate, this role will be filled as soon as the suited Dietitian is found! Please email your polished resume with attached cover letter outlining how you and Fresh Nutrition match and why we should consider you for employment opportunities with Fresh Nutrition (refer to and provide examples for our position requirements).

Please also send through a short video of yourself (1-5 mins) (be as creative as you want here) to introduce yourself, show us a piece of you, and answer this main question: Why did you become a Dietitian?


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Casual Private Practice Dietitian
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Fresh Nutrition
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