Occupational Therapist

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Occupational Therapists
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Full Time
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Donvale VIC 3111
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Ark Allied Care
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Let’s face it, this is probably the 100th job add you have looked at, there are so many opportunities for Occupational Therapists at the moment that you can choose what you want…..but why settle for ordinary when you can strive for extraordinary!!!

We are looking for 2 energetic Occupational Therapists to join our team of allied health practitioners. One in Melbourne and the other in Regional Victoria. The roles can be part time or full time depending on what suites you!

We currently have exciting opportunities for passionate and driven occupational therapist to join our team to support participants between 0 - 65 years of age under the NDIS . (dont worry if you havent worked with NDIS participants before, our OT supervisors will assist you with ongoing training)

The right person will possess the qualifications, strong clinical skills as well as the ability to co-manage clients with different health professionals in a dynamic team environment. Even If you’re still studying you should still apply!

So why would you apply for a position at small organisation when there are heaps of large organisations to work for?

Let me tell you why:


Constant fun at work! – we have an inclusive team culture and will have you in stiches of laughter
A boss who cares about you- you won’t get lost in the system of a big company
You will be part of a fast-growing community in Victoria
Lots of administration support so you dont get bogged down in unnecessary paperwork. Admin will do the service agreements and billing for you!
Autonomy over your diary and caseload when you are ready
Hybrid work/life balance- Flexible work hours and you can do the reports in your Pj’s. We are committed to employee work-life balance and wellbeing.
Ongoing professional development opportunities- Do the professional development you want, and we will pay for it! we have a passion for upskilling staff
Our staff meetings involve a lot of snacks and coffee (or if you are like me, I prefer V energy drinks )
Lots of room for career progression
Every day is different. What doesn’t change is the supportive, collaborative culture, where your clinical skills are valued and extended.
The ability to truly contribute to enriching lives in line with our commitment to treating each participant as we would family.

You won’t want to leave staff meetings as you will be having too much fun
You will have an extra family (our team) to celebrate birthdays and events with!

You are probably thinking… wow this job seems too good to be true. It’s hard to put into words how amazing our company is, and you really have to see for yourself to really understand it.


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Allied Health Practice
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Occupational Therapist
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Ark Allied Care
Donvale VIC 3111
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