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4thought Psychology

We value the wisdom that comes with experience, talent, and skill of professional maturity. The ongoing desire to stay fresh, inspired, and updated, underpins our ongoing support to senior therapists. We offer the opportunity for senior psychologists to have he opportunity to participate or develop:

  • Mentor roles.
  • Clinical placements and training for supervisor roles within 4thought's community.
  • Continued extensions of skills through our fortnightly supervision meetings specifically targeting senior case reviews. Experiential training and extensions of therapeutic exercises and resources to extend the repertoire of tools used in therapy. This has included extensions to EMDR activation tools, polyvagal exercises to reduce anxiety, parts therapy, brain spotting collaborative therapeutic application, EFT, yoga, and trauma body exercises to process muscle memory.
  • Encouragement and support for practitioners to follow their passions and create diversity and texture in their professional career in the development of workshops, seminars, and ability to use our onsite purpose-built group room that facilitates a creative and beautiful space amongst our gardens.

Weekly meetings focus on and progress through stages to cover:

  • Building the foundation skills of the practitioner in building rapport, creating consistency in therapy and engagement of clients
  • Skills in the management of “family of origin” presentations, working collaboratively with parents and children without breaching confidentiality
  • 1st session: history taking, balancing client expectations, procedures and policies that assist in boundary setting, engagement and improving therapeutic outcomes.
  • Mindfulness within the practitioner: transference, countertransference, appropriate self-disclosure  
  • Incorporating different therapeutic approaches/tools/strategies/frameworks: Play therapy, EMDR, ACT, IFS, Polyvagal tools/exercises, anxiety, and depression tools
  • Note writing, Gp letters
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Key areas of that groups unique or individual practitioner’s interest
  • Case management and discussions
  • COVID safety and management of exposure risk
  • Skills in telehealth and engaging clients and children
  • Flexibility and Fluid approach to these meetings enable the practitioners to cover topics of interest and expand knowledge. ​

How do we value and prioritize the well-being of our practitioners?


Caseload balance


When a practitioner joins, the practice, we spend time exploring and identifying client presentations that are areas of strength, challenge, inspiration, and concern. Our intake team gets to know you well so that we can refer clients that compliment your style, and expertise, and create texture in the work that you do. We recognize that practitioners have an integral part and involvement in clients that complement their case balance and extension of skills. Our practitioners play an active role in client allocation, and we encourage practitioners to work collaboratively to anticipate adjustments to maintain a healthy caseload.

We invite practitioners to let us know if their caseload is too top-heavy with a particular presentation or age group and wish for clients from a specific referral population. This is especially important to protect practitioners from burn-out and taking on too many at-risk or complex clients or to add complexity to lighter loads.

Our Culture

4thought Psychology has a culture that is open, transparent, respectful, and honest. We encourage all members of our practice to take concerns or insights directly to the person that can make the difference, so that as a practice, we all "walk our talk, and live our values" with integrity and kindness. Our choice to work together is out of mutual respect and the acknowledgment that great things are born from supportive and creative groups who work together using the same values and principles.


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Senior Psychologists
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4thought Psychology
Brighton East VIC 3187
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