Ambitious health care practitioners need to build their reputations in order to leverage the experience already earned over the year continue to advance their career and open up new and better opportunities.

Where do you start? What are your options?

Answer: Share your experience and expertise by writing case studies and articles on HealthcareLink.

If you’re serious about your career and professional future, you want to be taken seriously, be seen as someone that employers should hire or potential business partners should approach.

To be that person, you need to be able to point to your extensive experience, knowledge and expertise.


How do you showcase your experience and knowledge?

By publishing your case stories. Members of the HealthcareLink network can now publish articles for free.

Your article will be published on the platform that connects over 30,000 medical and healthcare practitioners.

Example of how this could work
Articles you write can be shared with potential employers and associates. They will see what kind of cases you have addressed. The examples of how you can use Healthcarelink Articles are endless and it’s as simple as writing in Word!

About HealthcareLink is a network for all professionals in the healthcare and medical industry. Through the easy-to-use online platform, professionals find jobs, search courses to complete CPD points and follow practices and organisations of interest.

How much do I need to write?
There is no minimum word count required for articles. We do recommend about a single A4 page should be enough to share the juicy details of a case but not too long that the reader’s attention drops off.

The key is consistency – the more often you write, the better for your profile. We recommend one article per month as a minimum. And remember, it’s free to publish.

Added Promotion for Search Engines
All articles are open on the web and can be found on Google keyword searches, which will help you get found faster.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing today.