At HealthcareLink, we believe in providing our jobseekers with the resources they need to explore their career options within the healthcare and medical field. Refer to the careers listed below for details on roles and responsibilities, educational requirements, steps for qualifying in your career of choice, registration details and more.

Medical Doctors Nurses and Midwives Allied Health Oral Health Management and Administration
Anaesthetists ICU  Midwifery  Audiology  Dentists  Director
Anaesthetists (General)  Acute  Behavioural Health  Dental Hygienists  Facility Manager
Cardiology – Non-invasive  Aged Care Nurse  Cardiac Technician  Dental Specialists  Practice / Clinic Manager
Sports Medicine  Cardiac Nurse  Chiropractic  Dental Therapists  Unit Manager
Clinical Director  Community  Counsellor  Dental Assistants  Patients Services Manager
Emergency Medicine / Acute Care  Cosmetic Injector Nurse  Diabetes Educator  Care Assistant
General Practice / Family Medicine  Critical Care / ICU  Dietitians  Care Worker
General Medicine / Specialist  Educators & Facilitators  Exercise Physiologist  Administration
    Cardiology  Emergency  Hypnotherapist  Medical Receptionist
    Dermatology  Endoscopy Nurse  Laser / Skin Therapist  Medical Typist/ Transcription
    Diabetes  General Medical / Surgical  Massage Therapist / Myotherapist
    Endocrinology  Manager  Mental Health Professional
    Gastroenterology  Maternal and Child Health  Natural Therapies & Alternative Medicine
    General  Neonatal / SCN / NICU  Occupational Therapists
    Geriatric  Oncology  Optometrists
    Haematology  Paediatric / PICU  Orthotics/Prosthetics
    Immunology  Practice Nurse  Osteopathic
    Infectious Diseases  Psych, Forensic & Correctional  Paramedic
    Medical ICU  Registered Nurse  Pathology
    Medical Genetics  Rehabilitation Nurse  Pharmacists
    Nephrology  Renal  Physiotherapists
    Neurology  Research  Podiatrists
    Occupational Health  Theatre & Perioperative  Psychologists
    Oncology  Other Nursing  Radiation Therapists
    Palliative Care  Mental Health Nurse  Radiographer/ Medical Imaging
    Public Health  Nurse Practitioner  Respiratory Therapy
    Radiation Oncology  Social Workers
    Rehabilitation  Sonographers
    Respiratory  Speech Pathologists
    Rheumatology  Theatre Technical
Sexual Health  Other Allied Health Professionals
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Paediatrics General
Pathology / Microbiology
Psychiatry / Mental Health
    Consultation Liaison
    Dual Diagnosis
    General Adult
    Intellectual Disability
    Old Age
    Vascular and Intervention