Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Queensland (QLD)

Queensland is a collage of stunning destinations – from the breathtaking beaches of Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast to the exquisite terrains of the Bunya Mountains and the Great Dividing Range, a string of sparking islands such as the Whitsunday and Hinchinbrook, and masses of lush rainforests in the many heritage listed parks and reserves. The effect is infinitely compounded when you consider the warm and amenable people who reside here. The “Sunshine State”, definitely, has it all.

Queensland is situated in the north-east corner of the country, and Brisbane is the vibrant capital located 100 kilometres north of the New South Wales border. QLD is the second-largest and third-most-populous state in Australia with a population of approximately 4,750,500 people.

A favourable climate and a plethora of choices of popular destinations make Queensland a great tourism hot-spot. It is the “Gateway to the Barrier Reef”. Numerous waterfalls, beaches and picnic spots are on offer, and for the more adventurous souls, there are superb amusement-parks dotting the area.

Agriculture, Horticulture, and Pastoral industries together with Mining are the primary industries supporting the economy. And export is robust. A number of secondary industries such as refineries and sugar mills contribute significantly. Retail trade and tourism are booming sectors. Healthcare and social assistance has stayed a top employer for the region generating over 51,000 jobs.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Queensland (QLD)

There are 7 Primary Health Networks (PHN) supporting the professionals in the region.  A rapidly ageing population puts pressure on the Healthcare infrastructure and personnel. The implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme means that a greater number of people now avail of the healthcare services. Small and large, public and private hospitals are accessible throughout the state with provision for community health, aged care, mental care, disability support, early childhood education and counselling. Additionally, state-wide initiatives such as the Queensland Health Consumers Collaborative support the broader healthcare objectives.

Queensland is less centralised than most other Australian states and 50% of the population lives outside the state capital, and 25% lives outside the urban agglomeration. There is a wide network of roads and highways that facilitates inter and intra-state movement. An integrated public transport system provides bus, rail, light rail and ferry services.

There is a significant difference in housing affordability within the state. The median housing price in the Gold Coast is $580,156, and in Mackay is $316,500. While the weekly rents are distributed widely even within local areas, ranging from $270 to $500 per week. On the bright side, a great lifestyle, amenities and perks are pleasures to be found anywhere you decide to stay in Queensland.  

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