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Wide expanses of fertile flat plains and gentle undulating sandy rises interlaced with lush wetlands, cavernous lakes, reed-lined narrow creeks, inland islands of diverse variety – This is the Riverland and Murray Mallee at a glimpse. And the Murray runs through the heart of the land, uncovering sublime river scenery set against surreal backdrops of limestone cliffs and swaying river red gums. There are thickly forested parks, vineyards, orchards and citrus groves bursting full with nature’s gifts!

The Riverland is located 150 – 280kms north east of Adelaide, covering an area of 9,386 square kilometres. The noteworthy centres are Renmark, Berri, Loxton, Waikerie, Barmera and Monash, along with several small townships housing 35,000 residents. The Murray Mallee region is defined to the north and west by the Murray and to the east by the Victorian border.

The region is known for its ecotourism treasures. Large tracts of land are protected under parks such as UNESCO-listed Bookmark Biosphere Reserve, Scorpion Springs Conservation Park, Peebinga Conservation Park, Lowan Conservation Park and many more, for the conservation of local ecology. The network of backwaters, wetlands and lagoons are home to abundant wildlife. The region is much-loved as a destination for outdoor and water-based activities such as houseboating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, aquatic bird watching and bushwalking.

Healthcare Jobs and Medical Centre Jobs in Riverland & Murray Mallee, SA

The area is known for its world-class agricultural and horticultural produce, with farm-based businesses abounding. The industry leverages the region’s natural advantages like soil fertility, the ready availability of water supply, suitability to grow a range of crops, and good climate. Not surprisingly, the Riverland is Australia’s largest wine-producing region. Manufacturing, Primary Production, Retail, Tourism, and Health Services are growing sectors. Healthcare and Social Assistance is a large employer providing over 3,200 jobs in the Murraylands and Riverland area.

The growing population places significant demands on the healthcare infrastructure. Country SA is the Primary Health Network supporting the professionals here. The Riverland General Hospital and Murray Bridge Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital are two small public hospitals, that together with a number of community health centres service the area. The local council has invested resources towards the redevelopment of the Berri Hospital.

Speckled with highways, main roads and rural roadways that provide regional access, as well as freight and passenger railway options, the area is well connected. Housing is affordable, with median housing price of $173,271 and median housing rent of $190 per week. The Riverland and Murray Mallee are a true found paradise, where living is a pleasure inspired by the soil, the river and the bountiful nature!  

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