A question members of our team here at HealthcareLink are often asked is about offering some practical tips to help when people are applying, and then being interviewed for, jobs in the healthcare professions. Here are five ways employers will use to judge your effectiveness both in applying for and then, if successful, fulfilling any role.

1. Present a clear, concise, and helpful resume

A chronological detailing of your employment history allows recruiters to build a picture of how you are progressing in your career – and how this fits with any position you are being interviewed for. This doesn’t mean each role must be a promotion from the last, other factors are involved (such as location changes). It should show that you are developing a profile that is close to the person they are looking for. As an added string to your bow, it’s good to add any philanthropic volunteer or medical and other charity activities you have undertaken.

2. Carry out your own research before the interview

This is much easier, thanks to the internet, than it may have been a generation ago. You can usually discover, from the company or organisation’s own website, what their goals and key activities are. You might even find a mission statement. You can add to this with any recent news stories (both positive to use, and negative usually to avoid). You may also find social media references, video pieces – all of which help you build up a complete picture – one that helps you prepare for any interview (and especially for the next point).

3. Be prepared to intelligently question your interviewer(s)

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during your interview. If they all concern what you gain e.g. pay, holiday time, benefits (these should really be covered by the interviewer anyway) this may cast a slight doubt on your real interests. Look to ask some questions about how you might progress, where the organisation is heading – and make sure they are relevant to the post you are seeking and the people interviewing you for it.

4. Look the part

Dress in a way that you feel would be appropriate if you were turning up for your first day of work – and don’t forget a quick personal grooming check (dirt under the nails from gardening or car maintenance will be noticed)!

5. Know why you want the particular post you’re being interviewed for

Interviewers often see candidates who are desperate for a job (any job) rather than having prepared a cogent case detailing why they are the right choice for a specific position. Unprepared, it’s like turning up at an airport and then asking for a ticket to anywhere – it simply doesn’t make good sense.

Five quick tips to help you with that upcoming interview. One final extra piece of advice – do keep checking at www.healthcarelink.com.au for full details of a wide range of available jobs throughout the medical profession.