The doctors who specialise in performing procedures on patients to treat illnesses, injuries and congenital deformities are called surgeons. Surgery is extremely specialised today, with eleven surgical subspecialities officially recognised by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. You can learn more about the qualifications and job duties of a surgeon here.

Urologists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary system in men and women as well as conditions impacting the male reproductive system.

The primary responsibilities of a urologist include prescribing medications, planning and undertaking surgery, and using various methodologies to treat problems such as incontinence and tumors or stones in the urinary system. These specialists also work with problems of the male reproductive system, especially erectile dysfunction. Urogynecologists treat urinary problems of the female reproductive system, and pediatric urologists specialise in dealing with urinary problems in children.

Urologist Jobs and Employers