Write a CV that stands out

Your CV or resume is your first impression to a potential employer and is your #1 promotional tool. It’s a roadmap of your career that allows you to clearly display your qualifications, experience and strengths. A strong resume that’s clear, concise and relevant is the key to unlocking future job opportunities and can make a difference between success and failure.

Remember that the person who’s shortlisting you and the dozens of other candidates can only spend about two to three minutes on average per resume. So it’s a very tight window to review your details and decide whether you could be the right person for the role.

A good CV provides relevant details in a clear, concise and easily digestible format. It should make it easy for employers to decide whether you have the right skills and experience. Ensure that it outlines your experience as it is relevant to the job and incorporates important keywords used in the job post. The selection criteria plays a critical role in determining who’s shortlisted for an interview and using the same keywords will help the employer make that connection easily.

If you have a HealthcareLink account, you can easily provide your qualifications via your jobseeker profile. You don’t need a CV to apply for a job as long as you setup your profile with your relevant information. All you need to do is:

  • Create a username and password
  • Enter your contact details (e.g. name, email, phone number)
  • Type of profession
  • Country of residence
  • Details about your education and experience (e.g. specialty, work experience, AHPRA registration, etc.)
  • Your availability and preferences (e.g. locum, permanent, part-time, available days, etc.)

And we’ll always protect your privacy so you can choose to display your contact details or keep your details hidden until requested by an employer.

If your resume’s ready to go, you can also choose to upload it along with your online profile, but it’s not mandatory.

Top three resume tips

Quality is more important than quantity – As a rule, a resume should be between two to eight pages long. HealthcareLink’s jobseeker profile already provides you with the critical information that you need to provide about your education and experience via an easy-to-use online form. Simply select the applicable details that are relevant to you – there’s no need to write anything! Your profile will display your details in an easy-to-scan page!

Consistency – The layout, spacing and structure of your CV should be consistent within each section. The layout has already been created for you via our jobseeker profile template so you won’t need to waste time.

Font and formatting – Resumes should be easy on the eye so avoid using various fonts, formatting, italicized text, underlined text and colours in each section. Only bold main headings, subheadings and job titles. Use common and readable fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman and ensure that spacing is consistent. HealthcareLink’s jobseeker profile is already separated into logical sections where the main headings and subheadings are bolded and the font type, size and colour is automated. So you can be sure to present your information in an easily readable/scannable format.

Don’t have a CV or resume?

That’s okay. Create a free personal profile and let your jobseeker profile do the talking for you!

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