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89344 - Acute Cardiac Arrhythmias Part 1 - Interactive Online Module

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An interactive online course that explores the clinical approach and ECG diagnosis of the patient presenting with an arrhythmia.

Relevance to General Practice

The course describes the core principles that enable us to understand how the ECG can be used to determine the origin and movement of depolarisation through the heart facilitating the diagnosis of arrhythmias. Immediate treatment priorities are considered including the clinical features of (life threatening) vital organ hypoperfusion and the clinical approach to interpreting the ECG in the emergency patient is explored. The final section of the course examines narrow complex tachycardia and considers the differential diagnosis and the recognition and emergency management of AV nodal reentry tachycardia (SVT).

Learning outcomes
  • List the clinical features indicative of an unstable cardiac arrhythmia
  • List the components that comprise the PQRST complex and their relationship to depolarisation and repolarisation of the heart
  • Describe the differential diagnosis for an irregular tachycardia
  • Identify the differential diagnosis for a broad complex regular tachycardia
  • Develop a checklist that identifies the key factors used to classify an arrhythmia.
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    89344 - Acute Cardiac Arrhythmias Part 1 - Interactive Online Module
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