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Job Post

Publish a Job Post and receive direct & matched applicants. Pay to post, no more fees on success.

  • Applicant Matching

    For a 30 day period, receive direct applicants whose profiles and preferences match your job's criteria.

  • Stand-Out

    See your job post promoted, highlighted & trending in search results

  • Branding

    Promote your company & brand alongside the job post

  • Peer Referrals

    Engage the community with a referral rewards program, and receive applicants through word-of-mouth.

  • Job Invitations

    Send out job invitations to a pool of auto-matched professionals with 20 Job Invitation Credits

  • Video Job Description

    Elevate your job pitch by publishing an info-video on your job post

  • Active Promotion

    Reach a wider range of matched professionals with targeted promotion throughout the entire HealthcareLink platform and partner sites.

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Candidate Request

Request and receive best-matched candidates that have been shortlisted by our platform and screened by our experts. Free to request, pay only on success.

  • Candidate Sourcing & Matching

    Choose your specific candidate criteria and let the platform's AI source the best-matched candidates from multiple channels.

  • Candidate Screening

    Receive a quality pool of the best-matched candidates pre-screened by our industry experts.

  • Credential Document Access

    Access and receive all documents that confirm that the screened candidate will meet your organisation's compliance requirements.

  • Dedicated Placement Support

    Connect with a dedicated account manager & expert for your specific industry who will provide you with end-to-end candidate management.

  • Locum and Roster Management

    Receive candidate as a locum and get rostering support

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  • IPN Medical Centres
  • IPN Medical Centres
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  • HCF
  • Bupa
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  • Criterian Conferences
  • Healthcare Australia
  • NPS Medicinewise
  • Cynergex Group
  • inVivo Medical Education
  • Ausmed Education
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  • Health Engine
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  • Hospital Healthcare
  • My Health Career
  • GP Foundation
  • Arinex

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