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Level 3 - Unexplained Injuries

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Care of Children and Young People: Safeguarding / General Practice / Maintaining and Updating Competences (MaUC) / Ophthalmology / Paediatrics / Safeguarding / Safeguarding Children and Young People

Level 3 – Unexplained Injuries

This micro skills course will consider the management of an unexplained injury in a child, where there is disagreement between professionals. Health professionals involved directly in these cases may include A&E medical and nursing staff, paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, surgeons and anaesthetists, paediatric intensivists, paediatric radiologists and forensic odontologists with essential contributions from the primary health care team – health visitor, school nurse and general practitioner.


What will I learn?
  • By the end of this session you will be able to:
  • Supervise the child protection work of junior colleagues or trainees;
  • Access and appraise relevant information on the child and family from other sources, including Children€™s Social Care;
  • Describe what actions to take when there appears to be an insufficient response from other organisations or agencies;
  • Access and appraise published evidence to support your decision making in cases of physical abuse;
  • Present your concerns clearly (both verbally and in writing) in different multi-agency settings

  • PRM123
    Level 3 - Unexplained Injuries
    Speciality Classification
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    Education Provider
    30-60 MINUTES
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