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106666 - Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections Workshop

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Teach helpful techniques in diagnosis and therapy of musculoskeletal conditions. Procedures are most often used to reduce inflammation, provide pain relief and alleviate stiffness in tendons, muscles and joints of the shoulder, knee or hip. The program addresses an in demand servicefor the ageing population and gives you the opportunity to practise your skills on cadavers.

Relevance to General Practice

Shoulder injuries are a common presentation to general practice, with the majority of patients being managed by general practitioners in the general practice setting. 
Pain is commonly encountered in primary care. The report published by BEACH stated that musculoskeletal complaints contribute approximately 10.1% of all reasons for encounters in general practice in Australia. They reported that at least 11% of chronic problems managed by general practitioners (GPs) are pain conditions. The BEACH report3 also stated that analgesics are among two of the top five most commonly prescribed medications. 
The literature shows that GPs have low satisfaction in treating patients with chronic pain. 
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3376243/pdf/nihms370798.pdfhttps://www.racgp.or g.au/afp/2014/august/gp-pain-management/ 
GPs requested training in joint puncture and soft tissue injections.

Learning outcomes
  • Recognise basic joint anatomy and systematically plan safe treatment.
  • Recall the basic principles of joint puncture and soft tissue injections.
  • Recognise specific conditions that require joint puncture and soft tissue injections.
  • Make decisions regarding anaesthesia and safe practice.
  • Perform joint puncture and soft tissue injections and receive feedback on performance.
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    106666 - Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections Workshop
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