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116785 - Sydney Cardiology Update 2017 Webcast

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The Cardiology Update is a succinct 2 hour webcast that will be reviewing updates in the field of cardiology. The seminar will cover new technology in cardiology, the cardiovascular risk of type 2 diabetes, assessment and management of chest pain and an update of heart failure. There will be a live webcast broadcast and the recording will also be available for health professionals. This online format will be particularly useful for those GPs that are interstate and in remote areas. The live webcast audience will be able to participate in the seminar by asking the speakers questions and engage in live polling during the event. Those watching the recording will be required to answer questions after the webcast to ensure it has been viewed.

Relevance to General Practice

Cardiology is relevant to community need as the early stages of coronary artery disease often reveal no signs or symptoms. The disease develops gradually and often at a slow pace, resulting in long periods of time with little to no noticeable symptoms. The cardiology update will not only update knowledge for GPs but will also assist them in safely prescribing medication to those with chronic illnesses that could adversely affect them.

Learning outcomes
  • Update their knowledge on new developments in cardiology.
  • Refresh and revise their clinical assessment and management strategies in regards to cardiology.
  • Help them to identify areas of their clinical practice that may be improved by the addition or improvement of systematic strategies to ensure better prevention.
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    116785 - Sydney Cardiology Update 2017 Webcast
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