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116911 - Management of red cell antibodies in pregnancy

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This free online learning module includes 15 clinical questions and immediate feedback is provided. There is also an original peer reviewed article written for GPs on management of red cell antibodies in pregnancy.

Relevance to General Practice

- About 1% of pregnant women carry a red cell antibody that has the potential to destroy fetal red blood cells and cause fetal anaemia (alloimmunisation). 
- Alloimmunised pregnant women whose antibody levels exceed a certain critical threshold are at high risk of their baby developing fetal anaemia and warrant prompt referral to a maternal–fetal medicine specialist. 
- In Australia it is recommended that all pregnant women have a blood group and antibody screen performed early in pregnancy to look for red cell antibodies. 
- A fetus that becomes anaemic before 34 weeks’ gestation may require a life-saving in utero fetal transfusion. 
- After birth, babies are at increased risk of anaemia and jaundice, which are the neonatal effects of haemolysis.

Learning outcomes

  • Know when and how to test a pregnant woman and her partner for extended blood typing
  • Describe the process of alloimmunisation and its effects on the fetus and newborn
  • Manage a patient who is Rhesus negative or has anti-c antibodies
  • Support patients who have to travel to receive specialist care in pregnancy
116911 - Management of red cell antibodies in pregnancy
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