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119027 - Evolving therapies for severe asthma: the role of the GP

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This free online learning module includes 15 clinical questions and immediate feedback is provided. There is also an original peer reviewed article written for GPs

Relevance to General Practice

- In Australia, one in nine people have a diagnosis of asthma. 
- In most people, asthma can be well controlled with conventional therapy using preventer and reliever inhalers, but a subset of patients are refractory to maximal-dose inhaler therapies. 
- The prevalence of difficult-to-treat and severe asthma is estimated to be 3 to 10% of people with asthma, and this group accounts for the major burden of health expenditure for asthma. 
- Severe asthma is associated with high morbidity and mortality. 
- Most people with asthma are cared for by their GPs, who have a key role in optimising asthma treatments and recognising patients with severe or refractory asthma and referring them for specialist review and consideration of emerging treatments, including biological therapies. 

Learning outcomes
  • Confirm the diagnosis of asthma
  • Monitor asthma control
  • Identify patients with severe asthma
  • Help patients to improve control of severe asthma
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    119027 - Evolving therapies for severe asthma: the role of the GP
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