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120121 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 5 (of 6): –Focussed Psychological Strategies.

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Face to face
6 hours

Focussed Psychological Strategies is the fifth module of the six active learning modules of the Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis for General Practitioners which is given in four consecutive days. This model offers really important clinical skills to GPs in using their various therapeutic modalities in specific focused psychological issues ie stress and anxiety, depression and personality disorders, compulsive obsessive disorders, anger and grief management, addiction and substance abuse and a host of other psychological and psychiatric conditions with hypnosis as the operating system. The laser like precision of hypnotherapy cuts short the usual ceremonious psychoanalytical approach of traditional psychotherapy and offers immediate and often lasting relief.

Relevance to General Practice

Mental health issues are often identified in a caring general practice setup not infrequently when the patient presents with physical symptoms of insomnia, dysfunctional relationship, lassitude, alcoholism and lack of appetite et cetera. For a GP with focused psychological skills and strategies it is so easy to diagnose and treat the underlying psychiatric and psychological issues. With the usual rapport and respect with their own GPs, patients are more likely to divulge and discuss intimate issues and seek help. Focused psychological strategies, therefore, become more readily relevant in general practice. The popularity of mental health initiative among general practitioners is an obvious proof of this relevance.

Learning outcomes
  • Use mental health assessment and outcome tools – mini mental state/K 10 etc.
  • Move from the traditional Freudian psychotherapy to the modern patient friendly Ericksonian psychotherapy with hypnosis as operating system.
  • Learn rapid and permanent cognitive and behavioural modification which Dr Muthukrishnan’s comprehensive hypno therapeutic techniques.
  • Differentiate the psychological and psychiatric patients and offer appropriate treatment.
  • Learn focused psychological strategies in managing many mental health issues
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    120121 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 5 (of 6): –Focussed Psychological Strategies.
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    6 hours
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