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120138 - Cervical Screening Test Audit

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Sonic Healthcare has created a Cervical Screening Test (CST) Audit to provide participating general practitioners with comparative statistical data to better understand and reflect upon this major shift in testing, including the type of testing undertaken and the prevalence of HPV in their local population. Developed in conjunction with a panel of practicing GPs, the audit helps practitioners to better understand the clinical implications of the new reporting systems and assists with the transition patients into the new program.

Relevance to General Practice

Cervical Cancer is a largely preventable disease. In Australia, primary prevention of cervical cancer is through vaccination against HPV, through the National HPV Vaccination Program, to prevent women being infected with oncogenic HPV types 16 and 18. Secondary prevention of cervical cancer is through cervical screening, to detect and treat abnormalities while they are in the precancerous stage, before any possible progression to cervical cancer. This is possible because cervical cancer is one of the few cancers that have a precancerous stage that lasts for many years prior to the development of invasive disease, which provides an opportunity for detection and treatment (WHO 2014).

Learning outcomes

  • Monitor patients within your practice to ensure all eligible patients are rolled into the new Cervical Screening Test Program
  • Compare your own personal findings against a pool of your peers as well as the national GP cohort.to better understand the frequency of routine, symptomatic ...
  • Identify patients who have failed to return for follow up treatment
120138 - Cervical Screening Test Audit
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