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120792 - Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program

  • : Online

his Clinical Audit will be provided online, with confidential access to statistical review of diabetic patient performance concerning recommended pathology testing. 
The program will allow practitioners to see how well they are achieving the recommended pathology monitoring of diabetic patients in their practices. In known diabetic patients, this will include HbA1C monitoring, lipid measurement and urine albumin tests. Individual patients who need further care are identified and their management can be re-evaluated. 
Program participants can assess their personal statistics and confidentially compare those to the state averages. 
For a successful CPD points allocation, program activity and improvement in diabetic patient compliance should be demonstrated over 2 intervals (6 months each). 

Relevance to General Practice

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia including Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes (1). It has been predicted that type 2 diabetes mellitus will become the top specific burden of disease in Australia by 2023 (2). In addition, type 2 prevalence has been estimated to increase from 870,000 in 2014 in Australia to more than 2.5 million within 20 years (3).
Several studies have shown that computerised recall systems, monitoring and reminding patients about appointments, investigations 
and referrals, improve diabetes care. (3) 
1. Diabetes in Australia, https://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/diabetes-in-australia, cited as on the internet on 4/10/2016 
2. Johnson, G. Martin, J. and Timoshanko, A. 'Preventing type 2 diabetes: scaling up to create a prevention system', Med J Aust 2015; 202 (1): 
3. Clinical Guidelines, http://www.racgp.org.au/your-practice/guidelines/diabetes/, cited as on the internet on 4/10/2016 

Learning outcomes
  • Implement a diabetes specific patient recall system to improve the pathology review process for patients with glycaemic control concerns.
  • Enhance patient recall activity for Diabetic review
  • Compare diabetic treatment outcomes and glycaemic control of patients against state peers.
  • Promote better doctor-patient relationship by improving efficiency of patient review procedures.
  • Improve adherence to the best practice guidelines for frequency of testing for diabetic patients
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    120792 - Diabetes Clinical Evaluation Program
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