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125337 - Palliative Care

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This session aims to continue to develop a GPs' knowledge and skills in working with patients who are dying and their carers.

Relevance to General Practice

Given the certainty of the eventual death of each-and-every patient of every General Practitioner, one would perhaps be surprised by the historically relatively low profile of Palliative Medicine in Australia. It is a core need within the community, yet has frequently found itself to be a ‘Cinderella specialty’. Over past years this area of Medicine has gained specialty recognition and in recent months the public profile has changed, with a resurgence of community discussion and state legislature debate airing the issues. Ongoing integration of Palliative Care training within general practice vital.

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss a patient’s palliative care needs and treatment options in the terminal phase
  • Monitor and review patient response to treatment in the terminal phase of palliative care
  • Develop, implement and communicate a terminal phase management plan with the patient’s caregiver and other health professionals to enhance patient safety
  • Review the practical aspects of caring for someone in the terminal phase including options for medication access and delivery
  • Explain legal responsibilities at the time of death
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    125337 - Palliative Care
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