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126433 - Exercise is Medicine: Enhancing Patient Outcomes through Lifestyle Interventions

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The aim of this learning activity is to provide further education for GPs about how they can easily incorporate physical activity into their management and treatment of chronic disease.

Relevance to General Practice

Physical inactivity is recognised as being one of the leading causes for morbidity and mortality in Australia and worldwide. Research around the world supports the promotion of physical activity in primary healthcare with the goal of increasing patient physical activity levels, improving patient chronic disease management and reducing the burden of chronic disease on the public healthcare system. The Exercise is Medicine (EIM) online course, is an ideal initiative to provide further education and training to GPs and Practice Nurses about the role of physical activity in the prevention and management of chronic disease and advocate for multidisciplinary care. Primary healthcare initiatives targeting physical activity promotion have been found to be effective.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe how exercise can be used to prevent and manage patient chronic conditions
  • Explain the importance of graded exercise therapy in relation to patient safety
  • Recall key aspects of the Australian physical activity guidelines
  • Describe behaviour change strategies specific to the adoption of physical activity
  • Outline existing physical activity assessment tools in medical software including Medical Director and Best Practice
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    126433 - Exercise is Medicine: Enhancing Patient Outcomes through Lifestyle Interventions
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