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126784 - Breastfeeding Support and How Can We Help Our Dads?

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This video presentation provides an overview for GPs on the detection, assessment and management of postnatal mental health and breast feeding issues, and engagement of fathers; the benefits, potential challenges, and strategies.

Relevance to General Practice

The postnatal period is a crucial time in the lives of families. Most maternal and infant deaths occur in the first month after birth. New parents have many concerns about infant feeding and newborn behaviour, with one in five breastfeeding women presenting to their GP with lactation related mastitis. It is recommended during the first 6 weeks after birth a woman and infant receive postnatal checks by a qualified health practitioner. The GP being the cornerstone of the healthcare system is in an excellent position to provide such care, and can provide health care intervention not only for physical issues but also mental health.

Learning outcomes
  • List common disorders of breastfeeding and management options available to GP’s.
  • Describe what types of presentations are suitable and how to refer to O’Connell Family Centre.
  • List practice improvements GP’s can make in their own practice to improve engagement of fathers in the wellbeing of the family
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    126784 - Breastfeeding Support and How Can We Help Our Dads?
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