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140410 - The SafeScript System – what, when and how?

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To provide prescribers and pharmacists with an overview of SafeScript, why it is being implemented, what medicines will be monitored and what the system will mean in practice. 

Relevance to General Practice

Misuse of prescription medicines is a growing concern and contributes to a substantial proportion of overdose deaths in Australia. Of the 477 overdose deaths recorded in Victoria in 2016, pharmaceutical medicines contributed to 78% (372), while illicit drugs contributed to 54% (257). 
To help improve patient safety and reduce the growing harms from high-risk prescription medicines, the Victorian Government has implemented SafeScript: A computer software that allows prescribing records and pharmacy dispensing records for certain medicines to be transmitted in real-time to a centralised database which can then be accessed by doctors and pharmacists during a consultation. 
There is a need for GPs to learn about why SafeScript has been introduced, how it integrates into their prescribing workflow, and to be aware of relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. This module provides an overview of this information, to enable GPs to incorporate SafeScript into their clinical practice.

Learning outcomes
  • List key rationale behind the introduction of SafeScript to monitor supply of Schedule 8 and selected Schedule 4 high-risk medicines.
  • Describe the benefits of the SafeScript system for clinical practice when prescribing Schedule 8 and selected Schedule 4 high-risk medicines.
  • Describe how SafeScript will benefit safety for patients currently taking or commencing treatment with high-risk medicines.
  • Identify approaches to managing and maintaining patient privacy when using SafeScript, and when communicating with patients and other health professionals.
  • Identify key regulatory requirements relating to SafeScript implementation and what they mean in practice.
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    140410 - The SafeScript System – what, when and how?
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