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141495 - Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

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Ruptured ectopic remains a frightening life-threatening condition encountered in medicine - whether working in a major tertiary centre, general practice or on rural retrieval duty. It is a differential diagnosis that we must consider every day, but find infrequently. Crucial decisions can be made if we can immediately answer some very simple questions – Is there an intrauterine gestation? Is there a live foetus? Is there free fluid in the abdomen? Can I see an ectopic pregnancy? We will not be teaching you to exclude an ectopic nor ovarian torsion, but we will show you how to identify a gestational sac, and then discuss how you would risk stratify a patient with abdominal pain or PV bleeding in early pregnancy. Trans vaginal techniques will be taught on phantoms and we will also teach the vital issues of intracavity probe hygiene. This one-day course can stand alone, but combines synergistically with the monitoring the foetus course.

Relevance to General Practice

Gestational ultrasonography is an essential procedure in a great number of countries [1-4]. It is an accurate technique for determining gestational age, number of fetuses, fetal cardiac activity, and placental location. In addition, structural anomalies and pregnancy viability can be identified. In Australia, the Royal Australia New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RANZCOG) recommends ultrasound examination for all pregnant patients and states that benefits and limitations of ultrasonography should be discussed with all patients [5]. The aim of this course is to provide procedural general practitioners and gynecologists basic skills to access early pregnancy.

Learning outcomes
  • Use ultrasound skills with the clinical situation to make safe and appropriate decisions in early pregnancy
  • Perform obstetric ultrasound examination of pregnant women across the first trimesters with transabdominal ultrasound
  • Acquire images obtained on normal pregnant volunteers
  • Optimise images using hand movements & machine buttons
  • Interpret images from pregnant volunteers
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    141495 - Early Pregnancy Ultrasound
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