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142597 - OM: Maybe it's mitochondrial disease

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This comprehensive two-hour module will allow you to improve your understanding of mitochondrial disease, including early diagnosis, timely referral and the GP’s role in ongoing management. 

The module features interviews and case studies from experts in mitochondrial disease, Professor Carolyn Sue and Dr Christina Liang, as well as other practical resources. 

Key words: mitochondrial disease, mito, mitochondria, genetic disease, genetic, fatigue, muscle, nerves

Relevance to General Practice

In a 2000 patient general practice, approximately 10 patients have mutations with the potential to cause mitochondrial disease.1 

By piecing together the complex puzzle that is mito, you can help improve outcomes for people living with this devastating yet sadly underdiagnosed disease. 

Reference: 1. Elliott HR et al. Am J Hum Genet 2008;83(2):254–60.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the range of symptoms that characterise mitochondrial disease.
  • Optimise patient safety by recognising when to refer, and who to, in order to facilitate timely diagnoses and optimal management pathways for adult patients.
  • Outline a GP’s role in the ongoing management of adults with mitochondrial disease and assist in tailoring their multidisciplinary and holistic care.
  • Effectively support and educate patients and their families about what to expect and how to best manage mitochondrial disease.
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    142597 - OM: Maybe it's mitochondrial disease
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