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148442 - Dermatology Insights for General Practitioners: Diagnosis and Management of Common Skin Disorders

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The presentation will involve many clinical cases in order to discuss the diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management of common skin conditions. A few uncommon conditions will also be presented. The presentation will be informal and interactive with the audience being encouraged to present their thoughts on the clinical cases, in a friendly and non judgmental environment. 
This activity will give the attendees the tools to differentiate the most common skin conditions, with early recognition, institution of appropriate management and know when to refer for specialist input.

Relevance to General Practice

Dermatological conditions are a common component of the everyday workload in general practice, with approximately 15% of all patient presentations being related to a dermatological complaint. Although a significant number of these presentations relate to neoplastic processes, a broad range are related to non-neoplastic processes, broadly encompassing inflammatory skin diseases, (eg atopic dermatitis, psoriasis) as well as cutaneous infections, drug reactions, secondary processes (eg ulcerations), cutaneous effects of primary diseases in other organs, and cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases. Dermatitis and acne are the most significant contributors of the inflammatory diseases burden in Australia. Urticaria, psoriasis, viral and fungal skin diseases and scabies are also contributing to this growing disease burden. 

Learning outcomes
  • Distinguish common inflammatory dermatoses from other skin conditions with similar clinical appearances
  • Recognize cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases
  • Determine what investigations would be appropriate in patients presenting with inflammatory dermatoses
  • Early recognition of common skin cancers and implementation of appropriate investigations
  • Discuss the appropriate management of various skin cancers
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    148442 - Dermatology Insights for General Practitioners: Diagnosis and Management of Common Skin Disorders
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