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149279 - Antenatal and Postnatal Shared Care Active Learning Module (ALM)

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This ALM is designed to assist general practitioners (GPs) in their role as members of a shared care team providing high quality care to women in the perinatal period. It covers a range of topics and challenges related to perinatal care in general practice including: 
• clinical care in the first trimester (activity 1) 
• first trimester screening (activity 2) 
• Rh incompatibility and managing early bleeding (activity 3) 
• obesity and diabetes in pregnancy (activity 4) 
• hypertension in pregnancy (activity 5) 
• perinatal mental health issues (activity 6).

Relevance to General Practice

There is general agreement that increasing interprofessional collaboration improves patient outcomes, access to and quality of care. 
Antenatal and postnatal shared care is the division of care of a pregnant women between the general practitioner (GP) and the hospital antenatal clinic. Shared care is an option for pregnant women with no adverse maternal or fetal pregnancy risk factors. 
GPs involved in shared care have many responsibilities and require additional training to fulfil the role. GPs are usually responsible for the first antenatal visit, examination, organisation of blood tests, first trimester screening and providing advice on diet, use of supplements and medications during pregnancy. 
The GP may be the first person a woman contacts if she experiences bleeding during her pregnancy, the first to identify elevated blood pressure, gestational diabetes or mental health issues. Hence the GP must have the knowledge and skills to advise the patient and take appropriate action.

Learning outcomes
  • •define the role and responsibilities of the GP in the first trimester
  • •outline the investigation and management of early bleeding and discuss appropriate use of Rh D immunoglobulin (Anti D)
  • •explain the risks and challenges associated with obesity in pregnancy •discuss screening, diagnostic testing and management of diabetes in pregnancy
  • •describe the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy including appropriate investigation and management
  • •outline the approach to identifying women at risk of mental health disorders during the perinatal period and appropriate follow up
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    149279 - Antenatal and Postnatal Shared Care Active Learning Module (ALM)
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